my message to atletico madrid

thank you



I’d like to nominate atleti for a boiling water challenge.


What is a hero? A hero is someone you look up to. I will not look up to my boyfriend. I look up to my grandmother —Reporter asked Irina whether Cristiano is her hero (via realmadridlocavictoria)

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

"Thanks for the nomination @yussufyurary! I nominate @lucashojbjerg @brondbyif_official & Prince Frederik of Denmark :D"


"What he did at the World Cup, people don’t talk about it. They don’t talk about it, but they should talk about it. He plays the game the right way: he defends, he attacks, he controls the ball when he has to control it, he reverses when he has to reverse it. When he has to finish, he’ll finish. (…) He doesn’t do stepovers, but when he has to perform, he performs. He does what the game asks him to do." - Thierry Henry


The Vampires Of Venice


holger’s starting for the first time since december 2012 


cescfabregay whispered: Dani Alves, Javier Mascherano, Alexis Sanchez, Frack Ribery, Xavi

Μarry: Javi Martinez 

Fuck: Javi Martinez 

Kiss: Javi Martinez  

Cuddle: Javi Martinez 

Get drunk with: Javi Martinez

cescfabregay whispered: Jordan Henderson, James Rodriguez, Aaron Ramsey, Lukas Podolski, Oscar Emboaba (:P)

Marry: Oscar

Fuck: Ramsey

Kiss: Hendo

Cuddle: James

Get drunk with: Podolski


Gonzalo Higuain accepts the ice bucket challenge

"Ciao a tutti! Accetto la sfida di Mascherano e sfido a Dries Mertens, Federico Higuain e Xabi Alonso"